Well Pump Repair & Installation Clarkston MI | Ray LaLone Well Services - professional-well-drilling-servicesRay LaLone & Son Well Drilling is committed to providing residential and commercial customers throughout Michigan with a comprehensive range of water well drilling and pump services. Well drilling has been our family business for over 100 years, and Ray LaLone has personally been servicing wells for 61 years.  So when you need a company who will get the job done correctly, you need Ray LaLone & Son Well Drilling! 

When it comes to well drilling, don’t trust an inexperienced company. Trust Michigan’s well drilling experts. 

Our professional services include:

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Well Drilling
  • Lightning Damage Pump Repair
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well Chlorination
  • Pump and Well Inspections
  • Insurance Work
  • Well Locating
  • Storage Tanks
  • Well Abandonment

Well Drilling


We have the equipment and expertise needed to drill, maintain, and repair a variety of well types, including:

  • Geothermal
  • PVC or Steel Pipe
  • 4-to-12 Inch Wells
  • 5” Plastic Wells

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Well Abandonment

At Ray LaLone & Son Well Drilling, we also provide well abandonment services and have experience in plugging abandoned wells. Additionally, we are state licensed and insured for providing professional well abandonment services. 

Well abandonment is a serious safety, health and environmental issue that can lead to injury and even death. Not only does the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) receive numerous reports of people falling into abandoned wells, these wells also act as conduits for contaminants to enter public drinking water, degrading the community’s water quality. 

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The DEQ takes this matter seriously and recommends that all before you take the proper measures to avoid serious health and environmental threats.

Why Do Abandoned Wells Have to Be Plugged?

  • Merely capping an abandoned well does not eliminate potential health and safety hazards.
  • Landowners are required by state law to properly plug all unused wells.
  • Abandoned wells can result in contaminated water in surrounding active wells.
  • Landowners will be held legally responsible for any water contamination or injury resulting from an unplugged abandoned well.

Can I Plug a Well Myself?

While it is legal for homeowners to plug their own wells, it is not recommended for a number of reasons. An incorrectly plugged well can result in more potential problems than an abandoned well that has not been plugged at all. Improper plugging procedures can lead to groundwater contamination and a costly fine. Additionally, incorrectly plugged wells are expensive to correct. 

The State of Michigan highly recommends seeking the services of a licensed and qualified well drilling contractor, especially when dealing with the following well types:

  • Drilled wells
  • Wells which produce gas
  • Wells deeper than 100 feet
  • Flowing wells
  • Wells where pumping equipment is difficult to remove
  • Wells where water is seeping from around the casing

How to Identify an Abandoned Well on Your Property

Well Pump Repair & Installation Clarkston MI | Ray LaLone Well Services - oldwellIt is not always easy to identify if you have an abandoned well on your property. If a cursory inspection reveals a pipe sticking out of the ground, chances are you have an abandoned well. Other signs of an abandoned well include a ring of rocks or bricks, windmills (which are often placed above wells), inoperative hand pumps, and small abandoned sheds.

If you suspect you have an abandoned well on your property but are unable to locate it, consider consulting with local well drilling companies who may have records of where the well is located. Additionally, your local health department or public water utility may have records of wells located in the vicinity.

Failing to plug an abandoned well, or attempting to plug a well without professional assistance, can lead to a number of dangerous scenarios. Contact the well abandonment experts at Ray LaLone & Son Well Drilling, serving Davisburg, Springfield Township, Clarkston, Waterford, and the entire Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan region for professional well plugging and well drilling services and get a free estimate today!

Do you need professional well drilling, repair, or abandonment services? Contact the well experts at Ray Lalone & Son today!